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ISSP 2024
Invited speakers

Keynote lectures

Evolution of interconnect metallurgy and future roadmap

Sustainability inspired design of HIPIMS deposited coating materials

Simulation of film growth by
a digital twin of a PVD coater.

Invited lectures

Enhancing the stability of Lithium-ion battery anode-electrolyte interface using a protective silicon thin film deposited by highly ionized PVD

Metallic nanotube arrays using conformal sputter deposition and photolithography: Fabrication and application

New routes towards energy-efficient magnetron sputtering: using metal-ion irradiation for nanostructure and phase control without external substrate heating

Design of VO2-based thermochromic coatings, and pathway for their industry-friendly preparation

Ion beam treatment for superhydrophilic fluorinated polymers

Controlling Functionality in 2D materials: From ferromagnetic and anticorrosive to optoelectronic and bio-applications

Plasma integrated System for 2D Materials

Recent development of high entropy alloy thin films for sustainable development goals

Engineered Phase Differences between HiPIMS Power and Substrate bias for Improved Mechanical Properties of TiN and CrN

Robust Artificial Olfactory Systems by Designing Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Interfaces

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