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Special Issue in JVST B

Papers presented at the International Symposium on Sputtering & Plasma Processes 2024 (ISSP 2024) shall be submitted for publication in a Special Collection within the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B (JVST B). The papers will be peer reviewed.


Deadline for manuscript submission: November 5, 2024.


  • Papers will be reviewed according to criteria set by the JVST and must meet JVST standards for both technical content and written English. All manuscripts are reviewed to the same standards as regular JVST submissions.

  • No Page Charges: AVS Journals do not require page charges. AVS also offers free membership for one year to the corresponding author on accepted JVST papers, which includes journal access.




Submit your manuscripts to JVST B and select the Special Topic Collection: Papers presented at the International Symposium on Sputtering & Plasma Processes 2024 using the journal’s online manuscript submission system, the JVST Peer X-Press site:


In preparing your article, you should follow the instructions for contributors, which may be found on the Information for Contributors link at


Authors are encouraged to use the JVST templates. The easiest way to prepare your manuscript is to use the available JVST Article Template to delete and replace text as necessary. Article templates can be found at the link above.

Note that acceptance to present at the conference does not guarantee the acceptance of your manuscript in JVST B.


To be published in JVST, the manuscript must:

  • present original findings, conclusions or analysis that have not been published previously by the authors or others,

  • be free of errors and ambiguities,

  • support conclusions with data and analysis,

  • be written clearly, and

  • have high impact in its field, which must be within the scope of topics covered by the journal


Acceptable manuscript file types are MS Word or LaTeX. For the initial submission/review process, a single PDF, MS Word or LaTeX file including the figures is sufficient.

However, once a paper is accepted, a MS Word or LaTeX file of the text, any tables, and the list of figure captions along with the separate figure files will be required for final production. Use of color in Figures is encouraged. Your figures can appear online in color for free.

Prepare illustrations in the final published size, not oversized or undersized.


For any other details about manuscript preparation, please refer to the JVST B journal web page, under Publish With Us, Preparing Your Manuscript.


Manuscript deadline: November 5, 2024.

Note: Please observe the deadline to allow for timely processing. JVST will try to include papers submitted after this deadline in the collection, but late papers may not be included.

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